Various Asian Cuisines

Often, cuisine is grouped according to region. However, the traditional food associated with a particular region is most of the time just a tiny sample of the foods popular in that area. Italian food for instance is often thought to be made up of mainly pasta. But southern Italians consume a large assortment of seafood, while their northern counterparts focus on game meat like boar or rabbit. Diluting a region's cuisine into a small selection of dishes is an injustice to the region and culture as a whole.

Asian food, the encompassing, huge culinary term is the most common source of confusion in regional cuisine. Asia is the world's largest continent, consisting of hundreds of different countries, subcultures and regions. The term Asian cuisine is often considered by most culinary experts as to be too broad. It is therefore important to understand the various differences between Asia's different regional cuisines. For anyone planning to open up an Asian restaurant  within a worcester hotel, they can choose to stick to offering the staple food of a certain region or sample dishes from many Asian regions. Whatever they choose, a vital first step to understand the characteristics of regional Asian cuisines.

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Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine happens to be one of the most distinctive Asian food types that have spread across the world. While Chinese and Japanese food types are often confused with each other, generally consumers know what to expect when visiting a restaurant offering Indian food. Without a doubt, the most common flavour component in Indian food is the widely varied and exhilarating and widely varied spice called curry. This spice is brightly colored, ranging from deep red to bright yellow, and different curry types have subtle heat differences and flavour. Although other regions in Asia have curry foods, Indian curry is typically heartier and thicker than that from other regions.

Indian cuisine is also very heavy in carb. Floury carbohydrate dishes such as Rolls, bread and pitas are often served alongside soups and stews. Serving bread with curry and other Indian food helps someone feel fuller after finishing the meal.

Thai Food

Thai cuisine is characterised by a lot of spices and fresh ingredients. One of the most popular dishes in Thailand, Pad Thai, combines the flavours of peanuts, bean sprouts, an assortment of spices and lime juice. Thai dishes usually feature chicken, fish and even pork as the dish's major meat component.

Chinese Food

Chinese food varies widely due to the huge population of the country. All in all, this type of cuisine typically features chicken, steamed rice and beef dishes with vegetables and sauce, together with different types of noodle and soup dishes. This cuisine has also incorporated cuisines from other regions such as Indian and Thai foods.

Japanese Food

Sushi happens to be one of the trademark dishes that Japanese cuisine offers. Teriyaki is another popular component of Japanese dishes. This is an Asian-style barbecue sauce that is salty, sweet, tangy and sour.

Understanding various Asian cuisines will help a potential Asian restaurant owner select the menu. It will also assist them decide whether to specialise in a certain region or offer dishes from all Asian regions.